How to Build a House in a Seismic Zone?

Date 10.12.2021   Published by: concastnewuser

No matter how much-advanced technology mankind has taken into its grasp, earthquake is still one such natural calamity that cannot be predicted. A high measurement on the Richter Scale can bring forth devastation. The last earthquake in West Bengal was of a magnitude of 3.8 in August 2020. And who...

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Why should you buy corrosion-resistant TMT bars?

Date 04.09.2021   Published by: concastnewuser

TMT bars or Thermo mechanically treated bars are one of the essential components of any construction. It is extremely important that TMT bars are of superior quality and have high tensile strength. This, in turn, increases the strength of the construction structure. However, normal steel reinforcement bars get rusted and...

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Where to find the Best TMT Bar in West Bengal?

Date 06.07.2021   Published by: concastnewuser

The manufacturing of TMT bars has taken innovative routes in the recent past, with major companies changing their manufacturing processes for the betterment of the quality of their steel bars. In addition, companies are focusing on the optimum utilization of resources for achieving the best possible output at an economical...

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Understand The Differences Between TMT, TOR, And HYSD Bars

Date 10.06.2021   Published by: concastnewuser

TMT, TOR, and Deformed Bars (HYSD) are in huge demand in the construction market. They all undergo thermal and mechanical processes but are different in the method of manufacture. Let’s find here more about the differences. TMT steel bar They are the new age bars made with the thermo-mechanical treatment...

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