How is Corrosion prevented in TMT Bars?


Since the inception of the durable construction Best Quality, TMT bars have been given a particular priority. So, it would be needless to say that steps are required to be taken to increase its longevity and prevent its corrosion. Concast Maxx is one of the best TMT bar companies in Kolkata and has ensured that necessary upgradation is done in the technology such that the corrosion in the TMT bars is prevented.

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When construction is being done in a relatively humid area such as Kolkata or Bombay, the prime enemy that a TMT bar has to deal with is accelerated corrosion, due to weather systems. Just like any Top TMT bar company in Kolkata that is responsible for its customers, Concast Maxx believes that necessary steps should be taken such that the longevity of the TMT bars can be increased to avoid any unprecedented collapse. The following steps are taken for corrosion reduction-

Protective Coating

As per the construction standards, the application of a protective coating reduces corrosion chances. Now, for the production of Best Quality TMT Bars, the implementation of this module needs to be done. At Concast Maxx mainly two kinds of coatings are done. The first one is Rubber Paints which is one of the most effective ways to reduce corrosion, mainly because the rubber paint acts as a barrier against water and oxygen. The second is the powder coat, which mainly comprises nylon, urethane, polyester, epoxy, and acrylic. The principle of powder coating is almost the same as that of rubber paint, a protective film is formed by heating the metal.

Metal Plating

Concast Maxx, one of the Best TMT bar suppliers in West Bengal, ensures that daily upgradation of the technology is done. Metal Plating is mainly done in the following four procedures of Electroplating, Mechanical Plating, Electroless, and Hot Dipping. The procedures mainly comprise the plating with the chromium or Nickel in the electrolyte bath. Besides cold welding and chemical reaction on the nickel and cobalt basis are also used for producing the Best Quality TMT bars.

Corrosion inhibitors

Besides Metal plating Corrosion inhibitors are also added. Yes, at Concast Maxx we leave no stone unturned to cater to you with the Best Quality TMT bars. The principle of this technique is to apply chemicals to the TMT bar to suppress the electrochemical processes that lead to corrosion.

Sacrificial coatings

This is one of the other methods used for reducing corrosion in the TMT bars. For producing Corrosion Resistant TMT bars by this method, a metal that is likely to oxidize the surface of the TMT bars is applied following which cathodic or anodic protection is done.