Concast Process

Advanced Manufacturing Process

TMT bars are Thermo Mechanically Treated steel bars. They form the mainstay of the construction sector, and our customers need to know how we make them. We love to be transparent in every aspect so that our consumers feel safe with our products and services, and this makes us one of the top TMT bar company in West Bengal.

Manufacturing quality TMT bars pass through certain specific processes that make them superior in all dimensions. Concast TMT bars making involve the following three steps:
The quality of the TMT bar depends on three main factors.
Pre-treatment of steel
This is the start of steel making and includes combining oxygen and carbon in the iron in the oxygen furnace to eliminate carbon dioxide. Next, the steel is passed through an electric arc furnace to refine its composition.
Now the liquid steel is transferred to a ladle and next to a continuous casting machine. Molten steel flows out of the ladle into the casting machine and then into a water-cooled mold where solidification starts. The billets that come out from the CCM (continuous casting machine) are sized as the length required.

Advanced thermomechanical treatment

The hot-rolled bars enter the water spray system known as the ‘Thermex System.’ As one of the best quality TMT bar manufacturers in Kolkata, we use Thermex Technology to cool the outer core fast and make sure that the TMT rebars are ductile. Rapid cooling causes optimized hardening of the TMT bars that enable forming a martensitic rim with an austenitic and hot core. This cooling technology is called Quenching.
After Quenching is done, the rebars are ready for tempering the outer layer that forms a ‘Tempered Martensite.’
Atmospheric Cooling
After self-tampering is done, the bars are transferred to the cooling bed kept at an average temperature. Here the austenitic core transforms into a ferrite-pearlite structure. Therefore, the final rebars have a solid outer layer with a ductile core. This process is done to enhance the tensile strength that makes the rebars weldable and tensile.
Quality TMT bars are made with an integrated process where raw material is transformed into the desired product. Concast Maxx is one of the top TMT bar companies in Kolkata with a journey of years.
With our quality assurance and unmatched after-sales support, we have become a leading contributor to big construction projects in West Bengal.

MAXXimum Weldability

For better welded joints and no loss of strength.

MAXX Fire Resistance

No loss of strength due to temperature upto 600°C.

MAXX Corrosion Resistance

Corrosion resistant to withstand damage caused by oxidization and or any other chemical reactions.

MAXXimum Formability

Excellent due to uniform elongation. Bend 1D and Re-bend 4D.

MAXXimum Ductility and fatigue strength

Very high. Best suited for earth-quake resistant structures and equipment foundations.

MAXXimum Workability

Pre-welded meshes can be utilized to eliminate manual binding at site which saves construction time. Offers easy working at site due to excellent features of ductility and bendability which reduces fabrication time.