Why Do Builders Prefer Fe550 TMT Bars?

Date 17.12.2021   Published by: concastnewuser

Fe550 is the new name that builders hold close to their hearts when it comes to construction. Thermo Mechanically Treated bar or TMT bars are integral to any building, be it a small house or a skyscraper. Now, TMT comes in various qualities and components. The variation in the degree...

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How to Build a House in a Seismic Zone?

Date 10.12.2021   Published by: concastnewuser

No matter how much-advanced technology mankind has taken into its grasp, earthquake is still one such natural calamity that cannot be predicted. A high measurement on the Richter Scale can bring forth devastation. The last earthquake in West Bengal was of a magnitude of 3.8 in August 2020. And who...

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Are You Constructing a Sustainable Structure?

Date 08.12.2021   Published by: concastnewuser

The ecosystem has been ravaged tremendously because of rampant human interventions. Global warming, climate change, and the crisis of non-replenishable resources are a few examples of the rampage. Construction is one such sector that consumes resources in huge quantities to support the growing population, disturbing the ecological balance by excessive...

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