TMT Bar in Kolkata

Real Estate Developer

For any real estate developer like you, trust is paramount. For this you take every care and that care also extends to the materials you use for construction. That’s why you should go for the finest quality flexible, cost-effective and light weight Concast Maxx TMT Bars which are easy to maintain and transport. Using our TMT bars not only speeds up construction of your project but also minimizes risk of damage due to natural calamities like earthquake and fire.

Top FAQs about Concast TMT Bars

Is CONCAST MAXX a product of an Integrated Steel Plant?
Yes. Concast Maxx is a quality product from one of the best state-of-the-art integrated Steel Plants located in Bankura, West Bengal.
What are the raw materials used for production of Concast Maxx TMT bars?
Concast Maxx TMT bars are produced from steel billets of C-15 and C-20 produced at our integrated steel plant.
What are the basic raw materials used for the production of billets which are used for production of Concast Maxx TMT bars?
Concast produces its steel billets from sponge iron and pig iron melted in a blast furnace.
Why is the quality of Concast Maxx TMT bars better than other products available in the market?

Concast Maxx TMT bars are a quality product of an integrated steel plant. In its production process, the company pays special attention to maintaining quality, right from the basic raw material. The quality checks starts from procurement of iron ore and coal, and continues in every stage of production like procuring sponge iron, pig iron and billets. The quality of the final TMT bars is also checked thoroughly and the company strictly follows a policy of “No compromise in quality”.