Concast TMT Bars

Best quality TMT bars

Concast Maxx TMT bar Kolkata is a manufacturer of superior quality and trusted steel bar products, making them a favourite among construction engineers.
TMT Bars are thermo-mechanically treated steel bars requited for construction purposes. TMT Bars combine with concrete to build a Reinforced Cement Concrete (RCC) structure that is firm and durable.
Concast is one of the best TMT bar manufacturers in Kolkata and produces rebars using the best quality materials to meet the industry standard and customer expectations. Our TMT rebars are technologically advanced and can withstand the changing time and extreme temperatures. We make A1 steel bars that can sustain a high yield load without compromising on flexibility and quality.
As a top TMT bar company in Kolkata, Concast manufactures and sells various products that include TMT bars and TMT rings of high grade.

Concast Advantage

MAXX Corrosion-resistant
Concast manufactures steel bars by creating a temperature gradient between the bar’s hot inner core and a cold outer surface and increases its effectiveness exponentially. With a unique combination of corrosion-resistant elements like Cu, P, and Cr, we make TMT bars resistant to corrosion effects. You don’t have to take extra care while transporting or storing them. This makes us one of the best manufacturers of TMT bars in Kolkata.
MAXX Bendability
As tensile strength is necessary so also ductility is a desirable trait on every excellent quality rebars. Where the former determines the capacity to withstand loads and stress, ductility determines the bending capacity of the steel bars. Concast makes TMT bars with a more rigid outer surface and softer core which increases bending property suitable for construction purposes.
MAXX Weldability

Concast has low carbon properties that increase the weldability of steel bars without compromising joint strengths. Our superior strength and higher weldability make us a top TMT bar company in Kolkata.

MAXX Earthquake resistant
Concast new age bars can absorb shock and energy during seismic activities that can prevent catastrophic effects of an earthquake. With adequate elongation and ductility, our rebars can deform and take stress without breaking. With a prominent rib pattern, our TMT bars can withstand environmental challenges.
MAXX Fire resistant

Concast TMT bars have high thermal stability which enables to withstand higher temperature and ensures the safety of construction structures from accidental fires.
Our name is synonymous with quality, and we are emerging as one of the leading TMT Bar suppliers in Kolkata and West Bengal. Concast Maxx is consistent with every product regarding grade, dimensions, durability, and bendability that is an essential prerequisite for TMT bars.