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Best Quality Fe 550D TMT Bars

The Concast Maxx TMT bars have been playing a pivotal role in the development of the constructional future of West Bengal. The Best Quality TMT bars produced from the units are equipped with the necessary features which include the corrosion resistance, optimum bendability, earthquake resistance and so on, which keeps your construction just fit and fine!! Besides the Top quality TMT Saria produce optimum work-site productivity which helps the construction to be completed quite on time.

Advantages of using Concast Maxx TMT bars

The TMT bar manufacturers and suppliers of Kolkata ensure that the bars produced have the optimal features that helps your dream construction stand long and strong. Concast Maxx is committed at keeping their customers satisfied through their premium services. The features are enlisted below.

Top TMT Bars in West Bengal - Concast Maxx
Maxx Corrosion Resistance

Concast Maxx TMT bars possess the optimal quality of the corrosion resistance. The corrosion resistant features of the TMT bars help them resist the moisture based oxidation that corrodes away the bar body gradually weakening the construction.

Top TMT Bars in West Bengal - Concast Maxx
Maxx Bendability

The premium quality TMT bars possess the maximum bendability. This bendability helps the bars conform to the construction framework, enhancing the productivity of the same. Besides the feature of the bendability also helps to protect the bars from the cyclonic wind pressures during calamities.

Top TMT Bars in West Bengal - Concast Maxx
Maxx Weldability

With the optimum weldable capacity the Concast Maxx TMT bars can fit into the conformation of the building as a result, the construction strength can be increased with the designs being creatively incorporated in the same.

Top TMT Bars in West Bengal - Concast Maxx
Maxx Earthquake Resistance

The Concast Maxx TMT bars possess the earthquake resistance that helps to keep the construction strong and sturdy in the face of the earthquake waves. The bars possess the capacity to handle the stress of the waves storing the potential energy without damaging the confirmation of the building.

Best TMT Bars
Maxx Fire Resistant

The Concast Maxx TMT bars possess the fire resistant capacity, that bears the heat until the temperatures of the 500-600*C and keeps the structure of the construction intact. Once you incorporate the Best TMT bars in your construction, you will feel the difference in the durability of the construction.

Why is Concast Maxx the most trusted brand of TMT bars?

Grade Fe 550D
Concast MAxx
Yield Strength N/mm²(Min)
Ultimate Tensile Strength N/mm²(Min)
Total Elongation % (Min)
Section weight vhart as per BIS
DIA (mm)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which TMT bar is good for home construction?

The quality of a TMT regulates its demands, just as with Concast Maxx TMT bars, the quality is excellent in terms of the resistance and durability. Concast Maxx TMT bars are available in 8,10,12,16,20,28,32 mm. The customers are free to choose as per their needs.

Which is Kolkata's No.1 TMT bars?

Concast Maxx is the No.1 TMT bar of Kolkata with all features of corrosion resistance, seismic resistance, fire resistance and optimal ductility which gives a long life to the construction

How long can Concast Maxx TMT bars last?

The average longevity of the Concast Maxx TMT bars is way more extended than the rest of TMT bar brands as it is corrosion resistant which makes it last longer than 40 years.

Can Concast Maxx keep construction secured from calamities?

Yes., absolutely why not? The Concast Maxx TMT bar possesses the strength to waive off the earthquake waves and the FE550D gradation of the TMT bars have helped the Concast Maxx absorb the deformation pressure of the waves.

Can it protect from Fires?

Yes, the fire protection capacity of the Concast Maxx TMT bars retains the deformation of the building structure upto 600 degrees of temperature such that the framework of the bilding remains intact.

What is the price of Concast Maxx TMT bars in Kolkata today?

The Concast Maxx TMT bar prices in Kolkata are available here, to know the prices give a call at the following Contact number 18008900550

What if I have any post delivery query about the product?

Our consultants are always available during the working hours, and they would be answering all the questons regarding the product. To know more visit the website.

How is the distributorship system of Concast Maxx?

The Concast Maxx dsitributorship is very flexible, any body who is interested can apply for the same by placing a query at these numbers Contact numbers

How long does Concast Maxx TMT bar take to fit into the cement framework?

Concast Maxx TMT bars with its awesome ribbing fits into the cement frame which holds the structure of the building with equal strength and ease ensuring a support that lasts forever.