Best TMT Bars


For every engineer like you, the quality of the materials you use for construction has to be a notch above. That’s why Concast Maxx which produces the best quality TMT bars and TMT Rings available are perfect for you.
Our TMT bars have the following features that are invaluable for engineers

Excellent Weldability & Formability

Better Corrosion Resistance

Higher strength with extra high ductility

Resistance to fire hazards

Higher fatigue strength

Easy working at site due to ductility & bendability

Reduced fabrication time

Bond Strength as per IS : 1786 and IS : 456

Resistance to strain ageing

Pre–welded meshes can be used to eliminate manual binding at site

Readymade Concast Maxx TMT rings are also extremely useful for engineers and are of the best quality possible and have the following useful features

Mechanically produced from Concast Maxx 8mm TMT at its plant in Bankura.

Carefully bundled and packaged before being sent to the market.

Each ring is carefully checked for its quality, dimension and bends before final packaging.

Exact dimensions for binding the TMT bars.