Best Quality TMT Bar Manufacturer in Kolkata


Committed to creating maximum value

Concast Maxx is a leading TMT bar manufacturer in Kolkata. Currently one of the growing companies in steel manufacturing, we deliver maximum value and is a trusted name.
We are an ISO 9001:2000 certified company producing 10,000 MT high-grade & world-class iron castings and 1.5 million tons of international standard of steel per annum. As one of the top TMT bar companies in Kolkata, we are a dominant player in the construction steel segment. Concast has a predominant market share of the organized TMT construction steel market in Eastern India.

Our Vision

To be a reputed world-class corporation and a leading Indian steel business and offer customer satisfaction at many levels.

Our Mission

As a growing Tmt bar company in West Bengal, we aim to build a lasting relationship with customers based on trust and mutual benefit. Our goal is to amplify the quality and reduce cost through continuous technical supervision and innovation.

At Concast, we are dedicated to fulfilling people’s expectations and creating a work environment where our employees feel motivated. Together, we become the future leaders in the steelmaking sector. We dive into emerging as the best Torkari TMT bar manufacturers in Kolkata alongside other steel products.

At Concast Maxx, we identify new opportunities, fuel business growth, and contribute towards a safe and sustainable environment.

Best quality TMT bars

Concast TMT bars have maximum strength, bendability, weldability, and good bonding properties.

As one of the top ten bar companies in Kolkata, Concast TMT bars are both seismic and thermal resistant.

With properties of TMT Fe500, Concast steel bars are high corrosion resistant.
We make ribbed bars of 5.5mm and 6mm made from M.S. coil, and our QST bars produced using Tempcore Technology come in various sizes from 8mm to 32mm.

Top Quality Readymade TMT rings

At Concast Maxx, we manufacture TMT rings at our steel plant in Bankura. We create 8mm TMT rings of sizes 7”x7”; 7”x9” and 7”x11”. We pass them through stringent quality checks with additional supervision on dimension and bendability before being bundled and packaged for the market. Our dedication makes us a top TMT bar company in Kolkata.