Why should you buy corrosion-resistant TMT bars?


TMT bars or Thermo mechanically treated bars are one of the essential components of any construction. It is extremely important that TMT bars are of superior quality and have high tensile strength. This, in turn, increases the strength of the construction structure. However, normal steel reinforcement bars get rusted and corrode away, making the very substructure of the construction brittle and vulnerable. It is extremely important that one chooses corrosion-resistant TMT bars for their construction purpose.

Corrosion refers to the damage which is caused by the oxidation and chemical reactions on the surface of the TMT bar. Steel usually corrodes in the presence of chloride ions, but TMT bars are cast with thermo-mechanical treatment making them rustproof. Corroding TMT bars in the concrete causes cracking and spalling of the concrete, which reduces the life structure and brings in added cost. A good corrosive resistance indicates that the TMT bar is of good quality. A corrosion-resistant TMT bar enhances the total life of the construction structure. TMT bars carry an enormous load hence a corrosion-resistant TMT bar is definitely a better choice over the traditional steel reinforcement bars. Torkari TMT bar manufacturers in Kolkata have been hence focused on manufacturing corrosion-resistant rebars.

Advantages Of Using Corrosion Resistant TMT bar Kolkata Over Normal Steel Reinforcement Bars

  • These bars have a longer life than ordinary bars.
  • Their ductility and bending capacity is much higher than normal bars.
  • These bars are easily weldable.
  • Corrosion-resistant TMT bars are really useful in places with extreme conditions like groundwater salinity, acid particles in the air, etc.
  • They yield a higher strength in places with higher seismic activity.
  • These TMT bars also help in the construction of sewage drains and sewage treatment plants. They will not be easily corroded with the constant water flow.

How corrosion occurs in TMT bars?

There are three stages in the corrosion of TMT bars. These stages are- Incubation, Initiation and Propagation. Suppose the concrete cracks due to the rust formation, the rate of corrosion is accelerated. This would require immediate repair or rework.

Uncoated traditional steel rebar corrosion starts with rust on the surface of the bar. This causes cracks near the steel and concrete interface, which makes the structure brittle. This further expands as time passes. The corrosion just wears away the TMT bars and further deteriorates the interface, which results in extensive cracking. The concrete eventually breaks away and leaves the bar, thereby causing spalling. Hence, using corrosion-resistant TMT bars is extremely vital. Concast Maxx is a synonymous name for corrosion-free TMT bar manufacturers in Kolkata. They have been producing top-quality Torkari TMT bars on which you can lay the foundation of the country.