Understand The Differences Between TMT, TOR, And HYSD Bars


TMT, TOR, and Deformed Bars (HYSD) are in huge demand in the construction market. They all undergo thermal and mechanical processes but are different in the method of manufacture. Let’s find here more about the differences.

TMT steel bar

They are the new age bars made with the thermo-mechanical treatment of the raw steel bars, which yields strong and durable TMT bars with a rigid periphery and a soft inner core. As one of the best TMT steel bars in Kolkata, Concaast makes TMT bars with maximum strength and durability.
During their making of TMT bars, the hot steel billets are passed through jets of cold water that make the periphery hard, which increases the tensile strength of the steel bars.

In the manufacturing process, the steel bars become ductile. Without any deformation, the steel bars have no cracks or any other defects.They are adequately ribbed for a better grip of the surrounding cement materials in the construction structure.

TOR steel bar

This type of HYSD bars (High Yielding Strength Deformed) is given heat treatment, a cold twist, and deformed. There are deformations on the surface that goes after the elongation process.
The elongation method offers strength to the steel bars, and the surface deformations provide better binding with the surrounding concrete. The deformations minimize slippage in the concrete and increase the bonding between the two constructing materials.

HYSD steel bar

These steel bars are also made with the same manufacturing process as the TMT bars, but the rest of the making techniques are different. After going through similar heat treatments, the hot steel bars are cold -twisted or hot-rolled to shape them. They are used mainly in small-scale construction projects.

Final words

Both TMT and TOR bars have similar iron content, which makes them strong, just that the TMT bars are longer than the two.

TMT bars are most preferred among the three because their higher corrosion resistance, earthquake resistance, and TMT bars are better suited for construction work in coastal or high humid areas. On the other hand, TOR bars are general steel bars used for construction projects that need a raw material that can surpass the minimum requirement of strength.
To sum up, the main difference between the TOR, TMT, and the HYSD steel bars is their making. TMT bars are subjected to water quenching, whereas TOR and HYSD steel bars are subjected to cold twisting or heat rolling.

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