Are You Constructing a Sustainable Structure?


The ecosystem has been ravaged tremendously because of rampant human interventions. Global warming, climate change, and the crisis of non-replenishable resources are a few examples of the rampage. Construction is one such sector that consumes resources in huge quantities to support the growing population, disturbing the ecological balance by excessive energy usage and carbon dioxide emission. Kolkata is right now the 4th most polluted city in India, with the Air Quality Index here deteriorating with every passing day. Hence, the sector must focus on sustainable construction by using TMT bar Kolkata to protect the environment.

What is Sustainable Construction?

Sustainable construction is all about resource-efficient construction processes used to erect buildings or structures. Green structures refer to the environment-friendly materials and processes that are used throughout the particular structure’s life cycle- right from planning to designing, construction to maintenance or renovation, the operation to demolition.

Techniques to achieve sustainable construction:

Once decided to reduce the negative impact on the environment, the construction industry must adopt modern technologies to minimize waste emission and carbon footprint. The following are a few ways to construct a sustainable structure:

  • Eco-friendly materials: Several eco-friendly building materials are now available in the market, such as porotherm smart bricks, manufactured sand, and reclaimed or recycled metal. These materials can reduce the impact on the environment. For recycled or reclaimed metal, one must look for the best quality TMT bar manufacturers in Kolkata who have adopted sustainable technology and produce green building materials or rebars. This would save natural but exhaustible resources and reduce waste and save our environment because, in the construction process, a lot of hazardous waste is accumulated, which affects the health of people living around such areas.
  • Adjustable designs: Construction becomes flexible when sustainable design techniques are adopted, the construction process becomes flexible. Adjustable or flexible design means utilizing space for more than one purpose. Moreover, numerous resources can be preserved using inert materials and optimal space, and the usage of excess material can be reduced.
  • Zero energy consumption: Renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power should be used for electricity generation. Energy-efficient indoor appliances should be planned and highlighted.
  • Shifting to modular techniques: Builders and the Top TMT bar company in West Bengal must ensure the implementation of modular construction processes for designing structures. It helps in faster construction within a controlled environment to use the resources efficiently. Additionally, this would minimize environmental pollution and waste accumulation.

With the advent of green building technologies and the availability of top TMT bar manufacturers in Kolkata, such as Concast Maxx, there is no doubt India shall achieve a 100 percent sustainable construction target that will create natural and healthy living spaces for everyone.