Why Do Builders Prefer Fe550 TMT Bars?


Fe550 is the new name that builders hold close to their hearts when it comes to construction. Thermo Mechanically Treated bar or TMT bars are integral to any building, be it a small house or a skyscraper. Now, TMT comes in various qualities and components. The variation in the degree of quality or the range of components that go into making a TMT bar determines how well it can resist compressive forces. Fe500 is the grade that any TMT bar company in Kolkata swears by. But what makes it such a favourite?

Advantages of Fe550 TMT bars

Fe550 TMT bar has the perfect combination of strength and ductility, which makes a building resistant to corrosion and gives it a longer life. Why Fe550 is becoming a favourite of builders- this is such a question that it has several answers. Here we have a few of them for your eyes only.

  1. High strength: Fe550 is stronger than other bars by at least 20-25%. The thermo-mechanical process used to treat this bar is of advanced level. This, in turn, keeps the bar tough and strong even if deformed to the maximum angle.
  2. Improved ductility: Fe550 can get elongated to a greater extent. So, when a building made using Fe550 TMT bar can sustain earthquakes or similar natural calamities without succumbing to structural damages.
  3. High weldability: The inner core of a Fe550 TMT bar is made of ferrite and pearlite. The core thus is soft yet extremely ductile and retains strength. These contribute to the high weldability of Fe550 TMT bars. TMT bars suppliers in Kolkata will confirm that Fe550 is something that can be moulded into any shape the builder wants. An additional advantage is its low carbon content. You can use Fe550 for weld joints also, but the joint strength is not going to be hampered. Why wouldn’t the builders love it!
  4. Bonding ability with other ingredients: Fe550 TMT bars have ribs on the surface made in such a way that it bonds extremely well with almost all other construction materials like concrete, cement etc. With super bonding strength, the building structure gains more longevity.
  5. Resistant to fatigue: Fe550 TMT bar has high stress-yield- one thing that top TMT bar companies in west Bengal will opine in unison. Thus, it can withstand sudden and strong loads like a seismic load. Constructions in the areas prone to earthquakes can be made safe and secure with Fe550 TMT bars.
  6. Resistant to corrosion: Have a house on the hills with moist weather most of the time of the year? Or do you reside in dry, sunny weather of the plateau area of West Bengal? Whatever the weather is, Fe550 can sustain both for long spans without getting wasted. The Corrosion-resistance of this TMT bar is the characteristic that keeps the buildings protected.