What Is The Difference Between Fe500 And Fe500D TMT Bars?

Date 10.09.2021   Published by: concastnewuser

Thermo-mechanically Treated bars or TMT bars are a necessity for a strong construction. These bars are exposed to the process of quenching and followed by exposure to jets of cool water, which hardens their outer surface leaving the inner core extremely hot. This process results in supreme ductility and malleability...

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Role of Vertical Integration in Concast’s Success

Date 16.08.2021   Published by: concastnewuser

Success doesn't happen overnight. It requires concerted effort and strategic planning by the people at the topmost level of a company focused on achieving shared goals. Vertical integration is one method that all successful companies worldwide utilize to get a competitive advantage and survive successfully. Companies make an arrangement whereby...

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Seismology and TMT Bars

Date 22.06.2021   Published by: concastnewuser

There is a high level of connectivity with the study of Seismology and the application of TMT bars. With 54% of the landmass of India falling under a high seismic zone, it is estimated that almost 200 million Indians shall be under the threat from high storms and earthquakes by...

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Top 8 Reasons To Choose Concast TMT Bars For Your Building

Date 12.06.2021   Published by: concastnewuser

When you are making a building or a home, careful selection of building material matters; besides hiring good engineers, contractors, and masons, you must make sure that every ingredient used, from cement to steel, is of superior quality. Here we shall tell you about TMT bars and how the suitable...

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