Is the TMT bar industry finding the much-needed progress in FY23?


The TMT bar industry had a checkered year the last time with the growth dropping by 54% in the last FY 22 Apr- Nov quarter. However with the latest news coming from the Indian finance ministry the consumption of the Top Quality TMT bars has increased by over 11.5% with the production increasing by 5.75%. So do the new facts and figures indicate good news for the TMT bar industry? Let us discuss this. 

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This is true to the tee, that to build a home and to give it the much-needed lasting strength, you need the support of the Best of the Quality TMT bars. It is the TMT bars which keep your home safe and secured from unprecedented shocks and waves, besides saving it from unexpected collapse. Now let’s talk further. 

Why did the TMT bar industry suffer in the last quarter? 

The overhaul due to the pandemic was already there with the steeping consumption rates, however just when the crisis was receding the Government announced a reduction in the import duty for the TMT bars as a result of which the prices of the TMT bars fell by 10-15%. This resulted that many of the TMT production outlets had to be shut down. The TMT bars manufacturers had a surging input cost on account of the quality production. The current government wanted to mitigate these extra costs by the reduction in the Import taxes. However, the effects did not reach some of the sectors of the TMT bar manufacturing industry. Besides the Ukraine-Russia war also affected the same. 

What is the current news? 

You have got it right!! The thing is since the last quarter of FY22 started the TMT bar sales are on the rise with a consumption increase of 11.5% and the production increase of 5.76%. Seems like the country has gotten over the pandemic overhaul and is ready to take the Tiger’s leap as far as the TMT bar industry is concerned. 

What about West Bengal? 

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How have been the prices here? 

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