Busting common myths about TMT bars


Over the years TMT bars have been a subject of talks for their convenience of construction. However, thanks to the misinformation that has crept in over the years even the Best TMT bars have been subjected to the flaws of rumor which have altogether slowed its expansion to the construction sector. In this article, we have busted 4 myths regarding the TMT bars which are harmful not just to the construction sector but also to the general public who wish to invest their money in a durable construction.

TMT bars are pillars of trust carrying our dreams

As we have told in the first point itself that due to misinformation even the Top Quality TMT bars have got shadowed down. However, at Concast Maxx we want to clarify the most primary of these doubts in a very detailed manner. As one of the Top TMT bar suppliers of Kolkata, it is our responsibility that the clutter of the rumors is removed. So here we go-

TMT bars are pretty expensive

No that’s not the case always. TMT bar prices depend on a variety of factors and tend to fluctuate based on those factors. However, at Concast Maxx we tend to make it a point that quality comes with affordability. As a result, the Top quality TMT bars are provided at an affordable price. We treat our customers just as our extended family understanding their needs and requirements.

TMT bars tend to crumble in high temperatures

It’s quite surprising, that this is also a rumor and no one knows where it came from. Thermo-Mechanically treated TMT bars are much less susceptible to high temperatures than the Non-treated ones. However, Concast Maxx leaves no stone unturned to make its Top-Quality TMT bars finer than ever. Our TMT bars possess the necessary treatment to sustain temperatures up to 600*c as a result of which the construction framework can be saved.

TMT bar figures cannot be modified

So what are weldability and compressibility there for? Concast Maxx has the potent capacity to be welded and compressed without any potent cracks or crevices getting developed in the Bar body. With the umpteen treatments being given to the TMT bars the structure of the bars can be modified as per requirement without affecting the construction framework.

TMT bars block internet transmittance

It doesn’t happen most of the time. In a survey, it was found that untreated TMT bars may slow down the internet transmittance but that’s not the case with Concast Maxx TMT bars which are treated with all sorts of testing to qualify the customer satisfaction criteria.

Stop following the rumors and trust the real strength for long-lasting construction. Contact us now.