Building a house? Know which TMT to choose


The TMT steel bar manufacturing process has found innovative ways in the present day. Frontline companies are incorporating innovative ideas in their manufacturing methods to make their steel bars better than before. Concast Maxx has adapted to these changing trends bringing in the best TMT bars for house construction and becoming the best TMT bar manufacturing company in Kolkata. But which are the TMT Steel bars that are actually considered to be the best for the construction of houses? Scroll down to learn more.

TMT Bar for House Construction: What are the types?

TMT bars are produced with higher strength reinforcement making them ideal for the construction of houses. TMT steel bars of the type Fe 500, as well as Fe 500D, are the ideal ones required for constructing housing and/or apartment buildings. Concast Maxx being the best quality TMT bar manufacturers in Kolkata, produces the best quality Fe 500 and Fe 500D TMT bars for house construction.

What are Fe 500 and Fe 500D?

‘Fe’ signifies Ferrum or iron, of which TMT bars are made. The number ‘500’ indicates the minimum value yield stress. ‘D’ in the TMT bar ‘Fe 500D’ represents ductility. This means that the Fe 500D TMT Steel bars have a greater percentage of the ability of elongation. The proof stress or yield stress (Min) is the same in Fe 500 and Fe 500D, the figure being 0.2 percent. In Fe 500D, the tensile strength gets increased by a figure of 2 percent. For Fe 500, the tensile strength is 545 MPa, and for Fe 500D, it is 565 MPa. Concast Maxx being one of the top TMT bar companies in West Bengal produces the best quality Fe 500 and Fe 500D bars that meet all the construction requirements. The elongation percentage in Fe 500 is 12% which increases in Fe 500D bars becoming 16%.

What makes the Fe 500D TMT Bar special?

One of the major factors making Fe 500D TMT bars ideal for housing is their higher ductility. This property endows the bars with higher seismic resistance, which in turn, ensures better safety of the buildings during earthquakes. This has further led Concast Maxx to become one of the top TMT bar manufacturers in Kolkata.

TMT Steel provides for the latest generation of steel that is reinforced. The TMT steel bars are stronger and more ductile than their predecessors and hence, are the best choice for the construction of residential houses.