Why do you need Concast Maxx TMT bars to construct your house in a Humid city?


This is the most underrated but important question, how do you save your construction from the clutches of humidity? Being one of the Best TMT bar suppliers in Kolkata we know that the toughest enemy of the TMT bar is corrosion, the hydrated oxidation that the bar body has to pass through while getting in touch with the moisture is more than explainable. With the repeated impact of moisture, likely, the bar body gets gradually wiped out making the whole structure crumbled down, without any prior signs. However, you can always alter the thing by using the proper TMT bars which have an anti-corrosion treatment. In this article, we talk about a few points that you can always look at while choosing the TMT bars for your house construction in a humid city. So stay tuned and keep reading.

The Anti-Corrosive TMT bars are always ready to protect your dreams

Continuing with our discussion, utilizing No.1 TMT bars with the proper anti-corrosive properties can help you a great deal in remitting over the corrosion caused by the potential moisture quotient. The point is how do you get rid of the same and choose the Best Corrosion resistant TMT bars? In the following points, we have discussed the same.

Enquire about the coating

The most important basic treatment that is done for corrosion removal is the Thermo-mechanical treatment. At Concast Maxx manufacturing units we scrupulously perform the TMT treat in the steel bars such that they remain strong, irrespective of the oxidation touching them. Other anti-corrosive treatments such as liquid anti-corrosive CPCC coatings are also performed. The Best TMT bars in Kolkata are manufactured with regular upgrades in the manufacturing procedure.

Enquire about the TMT composition

The TMT bars are created with a particular composition with the appropriate mixture of Carbon zinc and other micronutrients. Especially adding a good percentage of chromium might make things easier such that corrosion repulsion becomes easier. Being one of the best TMT bar suppliers in Kolkata we are steadfast in our efforts to help your dreams stand on the ground of reality.

Enquire about the ribbing anchorage

This is one of the most important things that you can always focus on, the ribbing of the TMT bar is one of the ways how the TMT bars can fit into the cement framework. The cross-ribbed TMT bars if framed in Cement make sure that there is no scope for air bubbles to enter the structure, then the scope of corrosion can be reduced manifold. The Concast Maxx TMT bars are available with the cross-ribbing simultaneously being graded with the Fe550D mark.

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