Which iron rod is best for house construction?


With the increasing global population size, the demand for sturdy construction structures has also increased. The construction industry has become fiercely competitive, with every builder and developer ensuring 100% customer satisfaction through design, project quality, ambiance, and service. To live up to their promises to the homebuyers, they are relying heavily on TMT steel bars. Accordingly, Top TMT bar company in West Bengal are churning out long products that are indisputable in quality.

Now, the strength and quality of rebars depend upon their grades; the higher the grade, the greater is their strength and quality. The market is flooded with several grades of TMT rebars, such as Fe415, Fe415D, Fe500, Fe500D, Fe550, Fe550D, Fe600, etc., but ideally, you must invest in Fe500D iron rods for constructing a strong house.

Why choose Fe500D TMT bars?

Fe 500D bars are considered superior quality because of their higher tensile and elongation strength percentage than any other grade of TMT reinforcement bars. These properties, along with ductility, weldability, bendability, make the Fe500D durable and long-lasting.

An in-depth analysis of the features: Fe500D ideal for house construction.

  • Highly Sturdy: Fe 500 TMT bars are manufactured after a rigorous process, where the steel undergoes a Tempcore water cooling process. It gives the bars a rigid and sturdy outer surface while the inner core remains soft. This process provides the bars with longevity and extra reinforcement power, making them 20% stronger than the other steel bars. Hence, it is advisable to buy from TMT Bars Suppliers in Kolkata that provide the best Fe 500D bars.


  • Unique elongation and tensile properties: With 16%. Fe500D bars have the highest elongation percentage compared to all other available rebars in the market. Such a percentage makes them highly bendable without changing their measurement or causing breakage. Moreover, with 10% more than 0.2% PS, but not less than 565.0 N/mm2, these bars have the maximum tensile strength, making it the best option for houses that want protection from seismic waves or earthquakes.


  • Highly flexible and weldable: Modern structures demand excellent flexibility. The unique bendable property of Fe 500D TMT bars makes them withstand heavy structural loads. Thus these bars easily bend into desired shapes and sizes without cracking. Moreover, these bars have low carbon, sulphur, and phosphorus, making them efficiently weldable. As a result, the joints do not get affected, and the strength of the bars remains intact.


  • Corrosion-resistant: Fe 500D rebars are highly resistant to corrosion. Extended periods of exposure to extreme sunlight and moisture do not affect these bars. Thus purchase from the Best TMT bar manufacturers in Kolkata that offer you corrosion-resistant bars.

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