Things You Need To Know About Concast Maxx


“The strength of any tree is in its roots similarly the strength of a building is its pillars.”

Concast Maxx is an emerging TMT bar manufacturer in Kolkata. We believe in keeping our customers satisfied and secured while choosing us. The bar we produce undergoes several security checks before final approval. As a TMT bar manufacturing company in Kolkata, we are a firm believer in providing the top-notch quality product with good strength that goes on for generations. We have superior quality steel bars that go through technologies and processes that make us the preferred choice.

Before moving ahead, let’s know more about Concast Maxx and where we stand as a TMT bar company in Kolkata.

Concast Maxx is an ISO 9001:2000 certified company, emerging as the best quality TMT bar manufacturer in Kolkata. Our goal is to become a leading brand in the steel industry. We aim to produce the best quality at the best price possible by using continuous technical supervision and innovation. We as a company have been honored for the highest quality standard and superiority of our product. We also constantly work to upgrade our quality and customer satisfaction.

Our band name is Concast Maxx here Maxx stands for maximum, with our TMT bars and rings, we ensure you the utmost advantage of the following:

Maximum weldability:
TMT bars are for the excellent capability of welding without losing any strength.
Maximum Thermal stability:
no loss of strength up to 600 degrees Celsius, also making it fire-resistant.
Maximum Corrosion Resistance:
it withstands damage caused by any physical or chemical change prevents it from rusting and slows the corrosion process.
Maximum formability:
has uniform elongation. Band 1D and Re-brand 4D.
Maximum Ductility:
tougher and hard, best for earthquake resistance and foundation forming.
Maximum workability:
we have a pre-welded mesh which decreases work time. Also, excellent at ductility and bendability, which reduces fabrication times.

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