4 Key Tests To Ensure The Quality Of TMT Bars


TMT Bars are in more demand than ever due to their wide use in commercial and residential buildings. These TMT Bars are strongly recommended for any building projects. As per IS Standards, Fe 550D Grade steel is the best type of reinforcing TMT bars.

Although there are several brands on the market, the top brand of rebar will extend the lifespan of your building.

Factors that make them builders’ first choice

The TMT bar you select should be the ideal synthesis of flexibility and strength. To guarantee the TMT bar’s quality, there are specific tests. As one of the top TMT bar manufacturers in Kolkata, we conduct the following tests.

  • Yield Stress Analysis
  • Tensile testing
  • Test for bend
  • Chemical Testing

Yield stress testing

How can you determine how much stress a substance can withstand? You can get solutions to your queries by understanding the yield stress. Up to the Yield Point, the material would persist in deforming elastically and would only return to its original shape if the load was removed. A vital characteristic to consider when you buy a TMT bar in Kolkata.

Tensile testing

A Universal Testing Machine was used to test the produced rebars for uniformity (UTM). According to IS 1786, the strength of rebars is only measured using a UTM when the diameter of the rebar is more than 32mm. Rebars with a 32mm capacity can be assessed without a UTM.

Testing for bend

TMT bars made from the incorrect material may be of low quality and bend quickly. Evaluating the steel before buying it or on the job site is essential to confirm its bending characteristics.

Chemical analysis

The chemical test carried out by looking at the spectrometer’s chemical composition testing, yields findings for the 26 elements contained in the TMT bar in a printed form after a brief period.

Wrapping up

To ensure that your home lasts a long time, get the best TMT bar when you choose to purchase TMT bars for its construction. When you select Concast Maxx, one of the top TMT bar manufacturers in West Bengal, you can be assured of quality. We conduct the above-listed tests on TMT bars to confirm the grade and durability of the steel we offer.