Factors to consider before buying TMT bars for your dream project


While searching for the top TMT bar companies in Kolkata, do you only rely on the advertisement and others’ suggestions? It is time to look for these five most important factors before buying TMT bars for the dream construction project you are putting effort into.

What are the raw materials?

Raw materials used in the manufacturing process are the initial element in deciding the quality of the TMT bars. Using iron scrape or ingots can influence the quality and durability of the end product. It is necessary to use iron ore to make the best TMT bars for construction. Also, check the percentage of carbon, phosphorus, sulphur, and other chemicals in the product.

 How are the TMT bars being processed?

Know how the TMT bar suppliers in Kolkata are processing the TMT bars and whether they are maintaining all the standard rules or not. The three main steps for solid and durable TMT steel bars are PLC controlled continuous linear rolling mill, quenching process, and automated cooling bed. 

What is the grade of the TMT bar?

There are different grades like Fe-415, Fe-500, Fe-550, Fe-415D, Fe-500D, Fe-550D, Fe-600, etc., related to the TMT bar, where Fe stands for iron, and the number represents the minimum yield stress in MPa, and ‘D’ stands for ductility. Depending on the construction size and place, different chemical compositions are required. So, check the grade and authorized BIS/ISO certification while buying it from top TMT bar manufacturers in Kolkata

Is the TMT bar flexible enough?

Flexibility is one of the important qualities of a good TMT bar as it controls breakages or long cracks due to high-degree shocks, seismic tension, concrete permeability, or creep movement. Consequently, the safety and integrity of the building would be maintained. 

Did the TMT bar pass the test?

A tensile strength test is mandatory while buying products from any TMT bar suppliers in Kolkata. This test would show the steel bar’s rigidity, tensile strength, yield quality, etc. Without checking these parameters before buying such a crucial material for building might let you compromise later.

Research and check all these important guidelines before buying the TMT bars as they cannot get replaced later. Also, building construction with the proper process ensures safety and durability in the long run. 

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