Simplest way to choose the Best TMT bars for your dream construction?


As India continues to take long strides in the field of construction, new techniques continue to get introduced. These ensure that the materials that are getting used in the construction are of the optimum quality and produce long lasting constructions. For instance, Concast Maxx is one of the best TMT bars for your home construction. It has the capacity to fight the corrosion, yield against the earthquakes and storms and fire as well, In the following we discussion how do you identify class apart TMT bars like Concast Maxx.

The best construction comes with the class of materials used in the same

As the subheading would have it the class of materials that gets used in the construction speaks a lot about the durability and the strength of the construction. In the following points we talk about how do you identify the best brand of TMT bars for your constructions. So, let’s move on.

Identify the grades

Yes, the gradations do matter when it comes to identifying the Best TMT bars, just as the Concast Maxx has Fe550D where D stands for ductility when acts as a shield against the cyclone’s storms and earthquakes.

Read the certifications

Yes, you need to make sure that you have read the classifications, just as the Concast Maxx passes through all the certifications of testing be it the quality of materials used or flexibility and ductility testing.

We believe that these two points are not sufficient to answer all your queries so here we place some of the probable FAQs that you might be having in your mind. So here it goes.

  • What is the best gradation of a TMT bar?

The best gradation for a TMT bar is the Fe550D just as possessed by the Concast Maxx TMT bars. The gradations are placed after tedious testing of materials.

  • Which is one of the reliable TMT brands against Earthquakes?

Concast Maxx is one of the most reliable TMT brands in Kolkata which can protect the building from earthquakes. The Fe550D gradation provides the much-needed ductility that helps it face the shockwaves

  • Are TMT bars Fire Resistant?

Yes, they are, Concast Maxx TMT bars are specifically certified with the Fire resistance such they can withstand the heat of upto 600 degrees and still keep your building structure intact.

  • Can TMT bars last against corrosion?

Yes, the TMT bars can last against corrosion if made with the proper materials. The Tempcore annealing that is done while manufacturing Concast Maxx TMT bars acts as a shield against all corrosions.

Concast Maxx strives to be at the forefront of construction in all its aspect, be it creating or execution. However, when it comes to innovating the TMT creation there is always space for innovation.

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