What Is the Difference between T and Y steel bars?


The strength of any construction lies in its foundation. Earlier, builders preferred concrete, which used to be strong in compression but defenseless against tension. However with the latest upgradation in the technology of material making, the construction sector came across TMT or Thermo Mechanically Treated Steel Bars with technological advancement producing the Best Quality TMT bars in Kolkata. Highly tensile strength and durability, along with many other features, make Concast Maxx the trusted partner of many foundations in Kolkata. Until now things were left on the surface, but now let’s get deep into the discussion. There are basically two categories of strength measurement in the TMT bars that is T parameter and Y parameter. To say on the surface T parameter and the Y parameter are the two main criterias that a TMT bar has to qualify to stand up to the expectations. To state it to the truest sense of the term a TMT bar cannot be called as a Top Quality TMT bar unless it qualifies in both of the areas.

What do T and Y steel bars mean?

Referred to as Reinforcement Bar or Rebar among TMT bar manufacturers in Kolkata, T stands for tensile strength, and Y stands for yield strength. Both of these are essential because they impact steel production and its usage. Taking a practical example for the same just in case any natural calamity hits your area then these two criterias are the ones that will be saving you from an unexpected collapse.

What is tensile strength?

Tensile is the potential of being pulled out or stretched. Steel bars’ tensile strength is their resistance power to break under tensile tension. It is the point when the steel structure undergoes deformation-elastic to plastic, i.e temporary to a permanent shape. Best quality TMT bar manufacturers in Kolkata measure tensile strength in force units per cross-sectional area. It splits apart when the steel is drawn beyond its tensile stress point. The tensile strength of TMT steel bars how much tensile stress the steel can resist until it fails in two ways: ductile or brittle failure.

Ductility failure– This is considered at the initial stage of failure, where the steel bars are pushed beyond the yield point so that there is a deformation of a permanent type.

Brittle failure– This is the final stage where the measurement of tensile strength of steel bars is noted.

You might have taken the above descriptions a bit not-so-seriously, but let us give you a practical glimpse. Let’s assume that suppose an earthquake hits your area, and you need to save your construction, but once the building is made nothing lies in your hand. However the only thing you can do is when you are choosing your TMT bars you can choose the Best TMT bars with the appropriate tensile strength which possess the appropriate shock absorption properties absorbing the potential energy of the shock waves. Concast Maxx stays responsible for the safety of your dreams and as a result the Best TMT bar manufacturers of Kolkata produce bars with ample Tensile strength.

What is yield strength?

The maximum stress applied before the steel bars start to convert their shape permanently is known as the yield strength of the steel bars. It is an approximation of the elastic limit of the steel. If the steel does not reach the yield point even after adding stress to it, the bars will return to their original shape as soon as the stress is removed. On the other hand when the stress exceeds the yield point, the steel bars cannot regain their original shape. Yield strength is the upper limit of the load that is safety applied to the steel or any other metal; hence it becomes a vital number to be known when the components are designed. The Top Quality TMT bars produced from the Concast Maxx units possess the maximum yield strength as a result the confirmatory structure of the building remains as it is, in the face of all catastrophes.

Difference between yield strength and tensile strength

The primary difference between tensile and yield strength of steel bars is that the tensile strength is temporary deformation resisting long term changes , whereas yield strength is the permanent deformation resistance. The value of Ratio Tensile/ Yield Strength can be obtained by using the below formula:

Ratio= Tensile Strength/ Yield Strength

This particular ratio is absolutely crucial for assessing the strength of the building

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