What Is the Role of Ingot for TMT Bars?


These days, wherever your eyes can reach, you can see high-rise buildings or skyscrapers, be it residential complexes or commercial buildings. These tall, multi-storied buildings are the present and future of a developing nation such as India. Undoubtedly these buildings need to have high tensile strength, longevity, etc. Thus, the construction industry prefers TMT or Thermo Mechanical Treatment Steel bars, and they associate with the best quality TMT bar manufacturers in Kolkata to fulfil steel bars’ requirements. But do you know what makes these TMT bars strong and reliable? Steel ingot. So, let us try to understand what steel ingot is and what role it plays in manufacturing TMT or reinforcement bars.

What is Ingot?

Ingots are pure steel pieces cast in various shapes and sizes as per the requirement. In the life-cycle of steel production, ingots are semi-finished casting products. Hot rolling is used to change the shapes of these ingots; these shapes can be round bars, rectangular or hexagonal bars, auxiliary I-bars, plates, channel segments and edges, strengthening bars, and many more. The top TMT bars suppliers in Kolkata can provide the best ingots available in the market.

Role of Ingots in TMT bars:

TMT bars are assembled using these ingots, heated at very high temperatures in a furnace. After heating, these ingots lose their hardness and are easy to bend. As a result, these bendable ingots can easily be turned into steel poles.

These ingots are used to manufacture all kinds of TMT grades such as Fe 415, Fe 500, Fe 550 and Fe 600. Some modifications of the quenching process conduct the manufacturing procedure. Using these steel ingots to TMT bars provides them with strength and flexibility, the two vital features required for a strong structural foundation and construction business.

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