Ribbed TMT Bars Over Plain Low Tensile Bars


When you want to build your dream house, you want it to last forever. To build anything everlasting, you need to give it a strong foundation. In the case of a dream house, it comes from using ribbed TMT steel bars. It’s a thermomechanical process used to create highly strong and corrosion-resistant steel bars. Be it your dream house or a commercial site; these steel bars will protect your property from earthquakes and all kinds of natural disasters. The advantage of using ribbed bars is it provides a much better grip on the concrete than other ones. There are top TMT bar companies in Kolkata to buy this material. In this article, we will discuss why you should choose ribbed TMT bars:

Let’s take a look at the differences-

TMT Steel Bars vs Low Tensile Plain Bars

High Friction Grip: Ribbed TMT bars have a high friction grip that provides much better anchorage between steel and concrete. It increases the longevity and stability of the entire structure. In addition, the ribs ensure a greater hold in a hunk of concrete, lowering the likelihood of any material slipping away. On the other hand, the plain bars have a low friction grip which doesn’t assure much durability to the structure.

Earthquake Resistant: Ribbed TMT bars have high tensile strength. It helps protect the structure from natural disasters like floods and earthquakes. On the other hand, plain steel bars do not have high tensile strength. Moreover, the absence of ribs on the outer surface of these bars renders them unsuitable for buildings that fall under seismic zones. Considering these things, the TMT bar manufacturers in Kolkata produce the best quality ribbed TMT bars as per their client and industry requirements.

Free From Fire Debacles: There is low warm solidness in a plain bar, which means they can’t hold onto much of the surrounding temperature. TMT bars, on the contrary, are fire-resistant. The high warm solidness of ribbed bars helps hold on to over 80 percent of the surrounding temperature yield strength. Due to this, the constructions remain free from fire debacles.

Better Graded: TMT Bars are mostly of Fe415 or Fe500 grade, while plain bars are just plain mild steel generally of lower Fe250 grade.

All these materials are available at the Top TMT bar companies in West Bengal. These companies make sure the material they’re selling is consistent concerning the durability, grade, dimension, and bendability of the product, which is a prerequisite for ribbed TMT bars. Overall, the ribbed TMT bar extends the life of the construction structure while also lowering costs.