How do TMT bars tackle lightning strikes?


The summer has already started and just in a few months, the monsoon will be starting too. One of the most typical features of the monsoon is unexpected lightning strikes; sometimes it can be pretty damaging too. However, when you have the proper protection, you can be saved from lightning strikes. Talking crisp, the Top quality TMT bars can be a great help when it comes to saving your construction from unexpected lightning strikes. Want to know how? Stay tuned and keep reading.

Best TMT bars save your home from lightning strikes and other damages

At Concast Maxx the Top Quality TMT bars produced from the manufacturing units possess the up teem quality of bendability, weldability, shock absorption, and other features that help your construction stay strong through all the catastrophes. In the following points, we would be explaining how the TMT bars affect your protection from Lightning strikes-

Shock Absorption

Lightning is nothing but a transmitted quantum of millions of voltages of electricity, now the thing is that when it strikes a particular entity the thing has to absorb the entire shock. This is where the TMT manufacturers of Kolkata have shown their expertise. The Concast Maxx TMT bars possess a high potential shock absorption capacity as a result of which the transmittance increases and side scattering is reduced. You might have heard the notion that you are not supposed to stand under a tree on a stormy night we will explain what is the reason behind it. The wood of the trunk is so resistant to the current that it causes side scatter ending in a burn-up which is not the case in a Top quality TMT bar on account of its transmittance.

Heat Absorption

As the lightning strike happens there is the production of intense heat in the medium as a result body damage is highly evident, but when you have Concast Maxx TMT bars at your disposal you are just at the right juncture of safety and security of your construction. With the facility of Bendability and insane yield strength, the Best TMT bars possess the capacity to absorb shock without causing any damage to the construction. Besides this, the TMT bars have high reorganizing capacities that can help them stay in shape.

Smooth Transmittance

It has been told previously in the article that the Best Quality TMT bars have a smooth electrical transmittance capacity and this is what makes them stand out in the competition. The Concast Maxx TMT bars on being subjected to the lightning strikes pass off the current with equal ease and fluidity as a result of which not only the house but the bar bodies also get prevented from any sort of affliction. The ribbing graded in the body of the TMT bar is an added advantage as it does not allow any unexpected crumble down which can happen anytime after a lightning shock.

Want to know more?

So here is an add-on for you, a single TMT bar can withstand a voltage of 1 million volts safely without any effect on the construction.

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