Do you need to worry about the rusting of the TMT bars while doing construction?


Every single creature that exists on this planet has a dream of getting its shelter of protection and peace, be it a small tailor bird or a normal human being. Now as one of the Best TMT bar suppliers in Bihar we have the responsibility to render this dream of yours concretely. But just as with any other thing which exists on this planet, the Top-Quality TMT bars that we provide are also mortal and have a limited timeline, but does it mean that you need to worry about it affecting your construction? let’s discuss this article.

Get the Best TMT bar from Concast Maxx and leave your construction tensions on our shoulders

TMT treatment as life support

In normal cases, it has been seen that just in case a non-thermal mechanized Steel bar is being used in construction the half-life of the TMT bars is 20-30 years. But once the bars are equipped with Thermo mechanical treatment the bars have an added protection that makes them last for 60-70 years with no changes in the building framework.

Corrosion Resistance Qualification

Bihar and especially Patna is the most booming sector for confirmed industrial developments. In this overall flux of industry and evolution, only the Top Quality TMT bars have to be used. It is our commitment and resolved promise to the people of Bihar that we would be playing a pivotal role in fulfilling the dreams of all-around infrastructural development in Bihar.

Site Workability

As mentioned in the previous point Bihar and Patna have become the booming sectors of Industrial development in India. As a result, it becomes self-explanatory that the constructions be delivered fast and long-lasting. This is where our USP lies. Concast Maxx is one of the Best TMT bars suppliers in Bihar and has ensured that the bars have optimum work-site productivity that is it any procedure such as weldability testing or mesh formation the bars merge faster without any scope of disfigurement.

Fire Resistance

This is one of the most important factors that can help your construction get saved in times of fire crisis. The Concast Maxx TMT bars possess a fire resistance capacity of 500 degrees to 600 degrees. As there is a constant flow of development in Bihar and Patna fire mishaps can be a weak spot to curtail in times of emergency. So we suggest using Fire Resistant TMT bars for long-term safety and balance.

*You need to keep changing with the changing times; the same applies to the construction too. So for better life and structuring of your construction call us now.