How are TMT bars assigned gradation for the construction and heavy duty uses?


The TMT bars stand as the very pulse of the construction emanating the very confidence that a construction needs to stand erect in the testing times The Top Quality TMT bars produced from the Concast Maxx manufacturing units are embalmed with the various qualities that help the construction play strong and last long. Some of the qualities can be enumerated which include that Corrosion Resistance, Seismic Resistance, Fire Resistance, Bendability and so on. Besides the qualities of the optimum site productivity and the ribbing anchorage also play the same role. However taking this topic a bit head, in the case of the seismic resistance , to resist the upcoming shock waves the TMT bars are graded with the various gradation and symbolized by the letter D. This is the Topic of the article today, that how the gradations play an important role in qualifying the category of the TMT bars and how are bars of different grades used differently. So stay tuned and keep and reading. 

The Best TMT Bars ensure their application in all the sectors of construction 

Yes, the Top Quality TMT bars produced from the Concast Maxx TMT bars are applicable in all the sectors. Following the line of which we enumerate the categories and the uses of the TMT bars. Let’s start. 

What are the numbers written for gradation? 

You might have seen the gradations being done in a coded format. At the beginning of this  code, you will see Fe written which means ferrum the latin name of iron, now next to it will be written a three digit number. Now this number represents the exact push or force in Newton that is needed to deform the TMT bar structure. In the following we discuss the gradation categories of the same. 

Fe 415

This is the lowest grade of the TMT bars, which have least proportional composition. The TMT bars of this category possess the strength of a meagre amount and only used in the construction of small structures. However the Concast Maxx TMT bars doesn’t produce such low quality TMT bars, as it strives to make its mark on the belief of the customers. 

Fe 500

This category of TMT bar possess more strength than the previous ones, however there are certain limitations regarding this category of TMT bars. These bars are mainly used for the construction of one storey or maximum two storey houses. The bars lack that bendability and simultaneously the earthquake wave absorption capacity as a result whenever a shock wave comes in the structure just crumbles down. 


This is the category of the TMT bars that possess the optimum quality. Some of the features that were not present in the previous samples but are present in the given one is that these bars possess the  earthquake wave absorption capacity and besides these bars possess the capacity to bear the cyclonic wind forces. The Best Quality TMT bars produced from the Concast Maxx manufacturing units possess the Fe 550D gradation. These TMT bars mainly found their uses in the high-skyrises. 

Fe 600

This is last quality and is mainly used for intense duty purposes. for instance making of the bridges, making of the Dams, Making of Lighthouses and so on. Fe 600 is the last of the strengthening capacity. These category of bars require the optimal usage of all the materials. 

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