How is Indian Steel Industry Is Coping with the Global Pandemic?


The global economy never was as badly affected as it happened due to the coronavirus pandemic. Complete lockdown had brought the world to a standstill, which proved to be the worst phase for every industry. The steel industry and TMT companies in Kolkata and worldwide were no exception. During 2020-21, the steel demand had decreased drastically, forcing many companies to cut their operation by half, while many had to shut down their operations. However, as the world is processing the new normal, the steel industry is working towards recovering. Seems like it is not long before the Indians start getting the strength of best quality TMT bars for their dream construction.

Consumption pattern of TMT bars vis-a-vis total steel

According to a CARE Rating report, India’s steel consumption is expected to increase to 111 million tonnes in 2022 after a severely impacted 2020, which has witnessed a drastic fall of steel consumption, i.e 89.3 million tonnes. Furthermore, domestic steel consumption is anticipated to increase in 2022 because of the government’s focus on infrastructure and demand from construction, engineering, and other industries.

Top Quality TMT bars being a vital construction element contribute significantly to the total consumption in the construction industry. Therefore, leading TMT bar manufacturers, including the best TMT bar companies in Kolkata, can expect their sales to increase proportionately in the forthcoming quarters. In this context we would like to mention here that the trust that has been created by us through our durable and long-lasting TMT bars is bound to come back as we recover from the blotch.

Demand for steel and TMT bars

The World Steel Association anticipates that in 2022 there will be an increase in global steel demand by 2.2% compared to 2021 (from 1855 million tonnes in 2021 to 1896 million tonnes in 2022). However, steel prices will gradually fall during 2022, declining to a trough towards mid-2023. Industry body Indian Steel Association (ISA) stated that by the end of 2021, the finished steel demands is likely to increase by 16.7% by the end of the year 2022. TMT bar manufacturers in Kolkata and other parts of India can expect to leverage this buoyancy till 2023 and beyond. The production of Quality TMT bars in India is stated to be sufficed from 2023 onwards.

Steel on the path of recovery

Recoveries have been very much visible in the market since May, as the government slowly lifted the lockdown and the entire nation and world entered into the phase of unlocking. During the unlock phase, the domestic steel market has begun recovering from the disruptions caused by the pandemic. As a result, many of the steel companies across India started running at full capacity, thanks to steady growth in demand of the Best TMT bars.
The extent of the recovery is likely to depend on the industry structure, government support measures, and the balance struck by individual governments between containing the virus and supporting economic activity.

Finding the way to ‘normal’

According to the Indian Ministry of Steel, the domestic steel industry had already started showing signs of improvement since June compared to April, when the entire nation faced the lockdown. During June, the country’s steel manufacturers could produce 6.8 million tonnes of steel, 17.7% higher than in May 2020. However, many steel industries have taken preventive measures to minimize production if we look closely.

As nations are recovering their economic activities, several organizations are trying to cope with the loss by using the best digital platforms and advanced technologies. As Covid-19 is coming up with new variants now and then, businesses or industries need to move towards the new normal, applying the best resources, technology and innovations that suit them the best.

As the world is slowly gaining the momentum of normalcy, let your dreams get on work too with lasting and durable TMT bars. Contact us now.