Factors To Consider While Buying TMT Bars


From longevity to high tensile strength in high-rise buildings, TMT or Thermo Mechanical Treatment Steel bars or reinforcement bars are the most preferred choice in the construction industry. Modern construction projects work with the best quality TMT bar manufacturers in Kolkata to fulfill steel bars’ requirements. These bars provide strength and flexibility to the building’s structure, provide additional stress points to endure maximum, and protect from numerous plausible damages, such as corrosion, seismic activities, fire hazards, etc. However, with the market being flooded by ample options, choosing the right bars might be confusing. So, we have listed down a few important factors you must consider while buying TMT bars:

  • Quality and certification: Always ensure you buy TMT Steel bars in Kolkata and around that qualify the BIS 1786-2008 standard and are ISO certified. It is equivalent to International Standards, such as Germany’s BST 500 of DIN 488, ASTM A615 Grade 60 of USA, and Britain’s BS 444 Grade 460. It is advisable to buy steel bars manufactured as per the BIS 1786-2008 standard because they pass the strict guidelines associated with the TMT bars’ chemical and mechanical properties.
  • Grade: TMT bars are available in several grades. Always look for TMT Bars Suppliers in Kolkata to provide you with Fe550 and Fe550D grade bars, as these are the two best and highest grades bars. Remember, the higher the grade of the steel bars, the greater is their strength and quality.
  • Bendability and Flexibility: Modern-day construction projects demand flexible bars that can bend easily into any shape and size without breaking. The excellent bendable property of TMT bars ensures these can withstand heavy structural loads.
  • Corrosion-resistant: TMT steel bars, with their corrosion-resistant properties, provide protection from harsh sunlight and moisture for long periods. Thus, look for rust-free rebars for your sturdy construction.
  • Unique elongation: Elongation, bendable and high-tensile strength, these properties together make steel bars strong enough to endure seismic waves. Fine quality steel bars can be bent, compressed, or stretched without changing their measurement or quality. Purchase from Top TMT bar companies in Kolkata for the best quality rebars.
  • NAKED TEST: While purchasing bars, apply the NAKED TEST. According to it, genuine TMT steel bars must have the manufacturer’s seal or logo on them, rods are of equal length, and appear less rusty.

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