Why Should You Choose TMT Bars For Construction?


You may wonder what’s so unique about TMT bars. Well, they are distinctively manufactured with formulated methods using the latest technology. In developed countries, only TMT bars are used for construction purposes.
TMT is a type of steel bar that is thermo-mechanically treated and is significantly used in various construction works. To assure quality, every TMT bar manufacturing company in Kolkata is taking up current endeavours to serve the purpose.
Let’s see in detail what makes TMT bars an engineer’s choice.

TMT bars use the latest technology

Compared to the making of yesteryear steel bars, TMT bars are made using the latest Tempcore technology, making the bars very durable.

TMT bars have a unique design

With a unique rib designing, they are perfect for holding onto concrete surrounding them. This assures durability in harsh climatic conditions.

They are earthquake resistant

TMT bars come with the unique attribute of earthquake resistance. With higher elongation without any compromise on their quality, they are built to sustain seismic waves. The elongation is to handle the stress and bend but not break. The more elongated a TMT bar is, the better is its capacity to resist the effects of the earthquake. As one of the topmost TMT bars suppliers in Kolkata, Concaast offers quality bars to stand time challenges.

Greater bendability

Concast TMT bars come with more excellent elasticity, and when you use them, you will know how they have become one of the best quality TMT bar manufacturers in Kolkata. The soft ferrite core offers better bending ability. They can be bent and moulded into any shape as required for various construction purposes.

TMT bars are resistant to fatigue

TMT bars come with high ductility and have an extreme periphery with a soft inner core.  These features make the TMT bars stand against fatigue for a longer duration.


TMT bars are highly anti-corrosive, with their distinctive microstructure and without any residual stress. They best withstand rains and climatic extremes.

Final thoughts

To sum up, TMT bars are a potent variant of steel bars and are used for construction purposes for their multiple advantages. They come in different grades, and you have to choose based on your project requirements.
Concast TMT bar is an ISO-certified TMT bar manufacturer in West Bengal and is trusted by top builders and business houses. If you are looking for Torkari TMT bar manufacturers in Kolkata or related products, connect with us.