Why Are Steel Companies Adopting New Technologies?


Creating advanced technologies, their successful adoption in the current process, and transmitting the information to other related departments is essential for businesses to survive the tough competition. This precept applies to the steel industry, including TMT steel bar manufacturers.

Use of steel over the years

The monuments of the 15th century show the use of steel bars for construction. However, in the mid of 19th-century, the construction industry found the use of steel to be an essential element for increasing the strength and durability of any structure. Europe and the USA soon adopted reinforced steel bars to build up strong architecture. Demands for concrete structures using steel bars were increasing simultaneously; a major problem was rusting of steel bars.

Steel bars are easily prone to rust because they are made up of unfinished tempered steel. Therefore, some alternatives were found, such as using low carbon and chromium galvanized and stainless steel, which increased the manufacturing cost.

TMT Iron Bar Company

While the demand for high-strength steel rebars was increasing, the problem of rusting and high-cost rebars kept posing as a major challenge. It was at this point in time that the TMT companies in Kolkata and worldwide came to the rescue and revolutionized the construction sector. Two technology innovations changed the scenario forever:

Thermo Mechanical Treatment or TMT steel rebar:  Referred to as Reinforcement Bar or Rebar in the Civil Engineering field, it is highly tensile and durable. Though tough from the outer core, its inner core is soft, and its high elongation property makes it seismic and fire-resistant. Manufactured using a cost-effective method and meeting all the requirements of the construction world, TMT Steel Bars are considered to be the backbone of any structure. Manufacturers that invest in this technology enjoy the benefits.

Microalloying: When alloying elements such as boron, molybdenum, niobium, titanium, vanadium, zirconium, and rare-earth metals are added to steel individually or in combination, it is known as microalloying. This process produces high yield strength (500 and 550 MPa) steel bars; however, the process itself is very expensive.

Concast Maxx: The leader of the TMT bar market, Eastern India

We are one of West Bengal’s foremost and certified TMT company that supply steel bars with maximum strength, bendability, weldability, and strong bonding properties. Being an agile and growth-oriented organization, it never hesitates to adopt new technologies for making its products the best in the market. Understanding the immense possibilities of TMT steel bars in the construction sector, it started producing high-grade rebars such as Fe500, Fe550, etc.

Concast’s reinforcement bars are mostly preferred in building roads, highways, transport, railways, ports, and urban infrastructure. These rebars are particularly used in building earthquake-resistant structures. Additionally, it aims to provide a sustainable product for an environment-friendly infrastructure.