The Importance Of TMT Bars In Building Columns


Constriction requires sand and cement. They are vital to building a structure, but they cannot hold a structure long without tensile strength. Here TMT steel bars play an essential role in keeping the concrete intact and provide stability to the building or structure. When TMT Bars are added to concrete, this becomes Reinforced Cement Concrete (RCC).

To keep pace with new age construction where most structures are high raised or multi-storied, it is essential to have substantial load-bearing capacity. So, you need the best kind of materials that confer longevity. As one of the top TMT bar companies in Kolkata, we have been producing a high grade of steel rebars that can make your construction endure time challenges.

A column is essential for any construction structure. It is the vertical compression member that bears the load of the entire system. They are made of rebars to resist bending, or compression and transverse resist shearing forces.

Consideration of typical loads for designing column

Dead load: A permanent load that acts on the column, for instance, the column’s self-weight and beam’s weight.

    Live load: Any moving load

Earthquake load: Depends on the seismic activities; the higher the risk, the more is the load

Wind load: This also depends on the wind speed, location, and height of the building.

Recommended practices of construction of columns

  1. Typically, a column should have four longitudinal and six circular columns.
  2. Rebars must be placed symmetrically across the axes. With an unsymmetric approach, there is a risk of placing a small amount of steel where more is required.
  3. If you plan to expand the column in the future, it is suggested to apply a coat of cement slurry to the exposed rebars and cover it with jute or polythene to avoid direct contact with the atmosphere and prevent any chance of corrosion and, therefore any adverse effect.
  4. Lapping must be done in the centre of the column with a lapping length of 57 times the diameter of the rebar. Therefore, using 16 mm rebars compared to the size of the lap will be 3 feet.
  5. Minimum concrete grade to be used is M20.
  6. Minimum steel percentage to be used is 0.8% of the transverse area of the column.
  7. Minimum thickness of RCC slab should be 5″ or more for internal wiring, which is required to reduce slab depth in some places, avoid cracking, and water leakage in rains. Therefore, you should maintain a minimum thickness of 5″.
  8. The minimum footing depth must be at least 4′ below the ground level.


Final words
To sum up, in RCC construction, make sure that you use high-quality concrete and TMT bars. With a strong foundation, you erect a structure that can stand the test of time and other external conditions.

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