Seismology and TMT Bars


There is a high level of connectivity with the study of Seismology and the application of TMT bars.

With 54% of the landmass of India falling under a high seismic zone, it is estimated that almost 200 million Indians shall be under the threat from high storms and earthquakes by 2050. Our city has been a recipient of these growing calamities over the years thus choosing the right TMT Bar Company in Kolkata is a matter of great importance while choosing to engage in the construction of any building.

  • There is tremendous growth in the construction sector in and around the city to meet dwelling as well as work purposes.
  • Even though a building is made keeping in mind that it would remain intact for at least 100 years, the objective should be that it remains intact for 500 years.
  • One must remember that the concrete structures will undergo deformations to absorb severe weather conditions and seismic activities, over the years, the concrete absorbing all the outside pressures.
  • TMT bars are the basic structural constituent reinforcing the concrete.
  • The TMT bars need to have the right kind of features like tensile strength, bendability, ductility, elongation capacities, resistance to high and low temperatures to ensure the safety of the structure in case of earthquakes.
  • The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has certified that amongst all the grades of the TMT bars, Fe 415 is the best to absorb seismic pressures and protect the building structures.
  • Buying the right kind of products from the best TMT bar Manufacturers in Kolkata ensures complete peace of mind when deciding to construct a building.

To sum up, India is one of the high seismic zones in the world, whereas our city, Kolkata is no exception, considering increasing atmospheric disturbances over the years. Hence choosing the right TMT bars with the best BIS certified qualities in them, is important.