Role of Vertical Integration in Concast’s Success


Success doesn’t happen overnight. It requires concerted effort and strategic planning by the people at the topmost level of a company focused on achieving shared goals. Vertical integration is one method that all successful companies worldwide utilize to get a competitive advantage and survive successfully. Companies make an arrangement whereby every stakeholder in the value chain and/or supply chain, i.e., the raw material suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers, are integrated into the same system having consumers at the endpoint. The West Bengal market is full of giant steel companies, and Concast is one brand that has carved a niche in the sector by producing TMT steel bars in Kolkata of the highest quality and affordability.

Ways in which Concast uses vertical integration

Concast believes in strategically employing vertical integration to achieve company goals. Here are a few ways in which they have adopted this approach successfully. The integration has been both forward and backward.

  • Through their asset efficiencies, they have reduced costs.
  • They work consistently towards delivering “real value” to consumers.
  • By implementing advanced technologies and various other advanced processes, their product quality has been improved as per the need of their target consumers.
  • For cost-efficient logistic management, they have set up a 70 MW captive power plant, iron ore crushing and washing plant, coal washery and railway siding infrastructure.
  • For captive requirements, they have successfully developed a coal block state at Orissa.
  • Its iron and steel castings are regarded as the top of the line in the reinforcement steel bars and the best TMT bar in West Bengal, strategically positioned.
  • The company has spread its wing almost all over West Bengal. For example, if you are located in Sodepur and are looking for Top TMT bar companies in West Bengal, you can trust the manufacturing company, Concast Ispat Limited. It produces finished steel products for the industrial sectors and real estate. Not only this, but it also produces various grades of TMT bar, which makes it one of the preferred TMT bar manufacturers amongst consumers

These are some of the vertical integration approaches that the company has adopted over the years to generate profit, achieve a significant competitive advantage, and make it to the list of top TMT bar companies in Kolkata. Integration of such a robust arrangement into the value chain has been the key to achieving favourable outcomes in the market.