Does Your TMT Bar Pass the Quality Test?


TMT or Thermo Mechanically Treated steel bars form the backbone of any construction. Hence, it is essential that these bars are manufactured according to the standard parameters. The physical and chemical properties of these bars must pass the quality tests since it is critical to the overall structure. The top TMT bar company in West Bengal are working towards qualifying as the best and sustainable reinforcement bar manufacturers in the country. And they are leaving no stone unturned to make the TMT bars you buy for making your dream house and real estate projects the most trusted products in the market.

What is the fuss all about?

The FIRST Construction Council (FCC) conducted a study wherein they analyzed samples of 66 TMT bars manufactured by the top 26 TMT producing companies. The result was quite surprising as the 18 brands out of 26 failed to qualify for the test. These TMT bars had a higher quantity of phosphorus and combinations of sulphur and phosphorus. This has brought India’s infrastructure investment into the radar of questions, particularly after fatal accidents, such as the collapse of a bridge in Kolkata or Mumbai caving-in of a car parking wall.

To ensure the authenticity of the product, a few tests have to be conducted on TMT steel bars that determine the strength and elongation.

Tensile Test

The strength of TMT bars is measured using the universal testing machine (UTM). TMT Bars of 32mm can be tested without any machine. However, the mentioned capacity has to be tested using a machine.

Bend & Rebend Test

If a wrong or defective machine is used for manufacturing TMT bars, bend radii is below the standard size. A bend and rebend test ensures the steel’s performance is not affected. It is a must to check if you are looking for a quality TMT bar in Kolkata.

Chemical Test

According to BIS, the percentage of carbon, phosphorus, and sulphur is essential. Hence, top TMT bar companies in West Bengal that produce a report of the chemical composition testing must be trusted.

Trusted TMT brands

While the FCC reports mention the failure of several brands in manufacturing good quality TMT bars, there are TMT steel suppliers in Kolkata that not only pass these tests but also qualify as the most popular and preferred choices in the construction sector. Concast Maxx, Shyam Steel, Tata Tiscon, etc., are just a few brands worth mentioning in this context.

So, next time you go to buy TMT bars for your project, seek the guidance of an expert or choose from the brands mentioned above that have already passed the quality tests.