Product Range

Superior Products
Our customers have diverse needs and our endeavor is to meet their requirements as much as possible. To this end at Concaast Maxx we offer a wide variety of products which include TMT Bars and TMT Rings.

TMT Bars
to meet every need

Our TMT Bars and other steel products have
no match in terms of quality and variety.
To ensure and maximize benefit to our consumers
we manufacture the following:

Ribbed Bars of 5.5mm and 6mm made from M.S. coil

QST or TMT bars produced using Tempcore Technology
and offering sizes from 8mm to 32mm

TMT Rings
that redefine quality

At Concaast Maxx we also manufacture TMT Rings which are mechanically produced from Concaast Maxx 8mm TMT at our own plant in Bankura.

We create 8mm TMT rings of sizes 7”x7”; 7”x9” and 7”x11”

These pass through stringent checks for quality, dimension, and bends before being carefully bundled and packaged for the market.